Complete solutions for all your refuse vehicle needs

Designed for bags and containers

Pusher-IID - for bags and containers

Suitable for collecting household refuse, paper and cardboard, wet fraction, and plastics, with volume capacities 18m³ up to 25m³, the Pusher IID has a double tailgate and vertical partition. Its low height makes the vehicle suitable for urban areas.


Double hopper

The double hopper, split 40/60, enables bags to be collected as well as containers. The partition allows for emptying of a mono-container 770L with comb or an 1100L DIN-container with DIN-arms in the large compartment.

Pusher IID - double hopper
Pusher IID - safety equipment

Equipped for safety

Safety devices include large emergency stop buttons on each side of the loading rave and two-hands control for lowering the rear door. The driver can stop the mechanism from the cab.

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