Complete solutions for all your refuse vehicle needs

Volume capacities 15m³ to 23m³

Ecomax 4000 specification 1

Designed for collecting large amounts of household refuse, bulky waste and wet fraction, the Ecomax 4000 has two side plates, one surface plate and one base plate. Volume capacities 15m³ to 23m³.


Voluminous hopper

The spacious hopper has a large capacity ranging from 2205L up to 2540L and an extremely large loading rave of 2.14m, while the hardwearing 6mm steel base plate is equipped with a drain for liquid.

Ecomax 4000 specification 2
Ecomax 4000 specification 3

Safety first

Controls are designed to maximise efficiency without compromising operators’ safety. Acoustic signals are fitted at the rear and the vehicle has double road lights with rear lights, stop lights and indication lights.

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